Blister Packaging


Blister packaging has become a favorite choice for marketing and manufacturing companies when selecting a retail package design. It combines a high perceived product value with a low cost packaging proposition. Blister packaging is most popular as a consumer retail packaging solution as it displays a product or products clearly to the consumer but still provides the security of a theft resistant package.


Any product that is small in size and is a consumer retail item is perfect for blister packaging. Some of the items we have blister packed include: 

Blister packaging11.jpg Hardware 
Personal care products 
Office supplies 
Cellular accessories 

Discturnkey Fulfillment is your best source for blister packaging because we provide the following value proposition to insure that your project is a success: 

Quick turnaround on pricing.
Turnkey sourcing: We will purchase all your components locally, deliver them to our plant, blister your product, put it in cartons and drop ship the completed units to your end customer. 
Design: We will walk you thru each step of the design process and make recommendations based on years of packaging experience. 
Tooling: We will recommend the most cost effective tooling for your project and then make sure it is ready when it is time for production. 
Project management: We are responsible for your complete project from start to finish and will not let you down.