Clampack Clamshell

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell Packaging1.jpgClamshell packaging is the most secure package available and is best suited for high value products. Clamshells come in a variety of sealing options from high frequency welding to tab locking. Some are resealable while others require scissors to open. With clamshells are insert cards and both can work similar to a blister card and blister shell process as a combination run or dedicated run.

Our clamshells packaging solutions offer many advantages for showcasing products. Discturnkey Fulfillment have a wide array of model types to choose from, including various boxes, containers, and trays, many of which come standard with tamper evident and theft deterrent features.

Clamshell Sealing Options:

      RF Seal            Spot Weld            
      Friction Fit       Button Snap
      Heat Seal         Over-Wrap Label
      Staples             Ultra-Sonic

Clamshell Packaging Advantages:

     In-Store Salesperson – Your Silent Salesman

     Provide A Clear Product Display

     Clamshell Packaging Conveys “High End”

      Provides Product Protection

     Theft Deterrent Packaging