Premium Packages

Premium Packaging


Separate your manufacturing from your packaging and rest assured that Discturney Fulfillment will plan, inventory, package and ship your product on time, on budget and done right...


Premium Packages11.jpgFacing new demands, manufacturers must re-define the way they package and deliver their products. Demands for promotional, seasonal and retailer private label programs will quickly turn a relatively small number of SKUs and packaging needs into a broad assortment of items which have shorter lead-time and higher inventory requirements. As a result, consumer product manufacturers across the globe find themselves facing distractions from their core competencies while they face these packaging challenges. In addition, the complexity and cost of packaging and inventory management make it even more difficult to meet the process demanded by the retail customer.

This is where Primary Packaging comes into play.

An OEM manufacturer simply sends their products and components in bulk to Discturnkey Fulfillment. We warehouse and inventory stocks until customer orders are received and ready for shipment. By doing so, the OEM manufacturer reduces overall packaging cost, inventory and material management costs, and increases packaging flexibility and speed to market.